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Laid out on a 12 by 42 inch canvas, the scene extends from Main Street to the far corners of the Naval Academy and includes about 75 shops, restaurants and inns. The State House cupola and St. Anne’s Episcopal Church steeple loom above the trees in the background.

It’s part of a series of “Townscapes” that has taken Mr. Weber’s van and trailer from Concord, Mass to St. Agustine, Fla during the last decade …

‘Every town has a personality,’ said Mr. Weber before returning to his home in Monterey, Mass ‘and what’s nice about Annapolis is that it’s upbeat. It’s civilized. I’ve never had so many people tell me good morning before.’

The way Mr. Weber describes it, the result is a panoramic view of the waterfront that also shows its Colonial and maritime heritage.

‘I want people to look at it and say “That’s it. That’s the way I see Annapolis!”

Annapolis Capitol, June 4, 1993