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“It rained for like six days straight … Meantime, I went around and studied the town. It just has a charm. It reminds me of Colonial Williamsburg a lot. New England too.

“There isn’t anybody doing this kind of thing. It takes a lot of discipline and training to do a whole town. I come into town and get a general impression – where the core, the beat of the town is. I walk around the city for three or four days. I don’t put in every building, but I put in the ones that are interesting. I romanticize the thing.

“Around 1970, I went to an art museum in Denver and saw one piece of paper painted in Japan in the 12th century – 70 feet long. The Japanese scroll was of a Shogun warlord followed by his Samurai soldiers, followed by villagers, tradesmen, peasants, beggars, children, carts, and animals.

“There must have been 3,000 people in that picture. It was one of the most astonishing things I’ve ever seen.”

The Capital Arundel Report, November 27, 1992.